Be brave and say YES!

“Be brave and say yes!”.

On a recent episode of The Outdoor Biz Podcast Shannon Walton gave folks some great advice for getting into the Outdoor Biz. You can listen to our conversation on The Outdoor Biz Podcast Episode 003 and read the show notes here.

From Mountain Guiding and cooking to teaching Yoga and sailing, Shannon has followed her heart. As she says,”Being you is the bravest thing you can do.” Listen to your heart. Your heart is your inner guide and it will lead you on the right path for you. Do something that makes your heart sing. Do something that reflects how you want to show up in this world. Like that Hellen Keller quote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  

Rick: Do you have any advice or suggestions for young folks or folks in general wanting to get into the biz or get involved in the outdoor side of things?

Shannon Walton: Well, all I can say is just do it. Not to steal from Nike but just … My whole life has been about following my heart and saying yes. When I haven't been able to say yes, utilizing what's around me to figure out what's next. I'd say just “be brave and say yes”. I do notice in the outdoor industry in the last few years that a lot of the young people were coming in because it was cool. Not because they came from hardcore outdoor. I found that fairly interesting. I think as I've seen a lot of those folks grow up now in the outdoor industry they are getting out and they are finding it. I think they are following their hearts.

Rick Saez is Producer/Founder of The Outdoor Biz Podcast. Click here and get the life stories and actionable advice from Thought Leaders in the Outdoor Business.


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