Month: April 2020

How Small Outdoor Retail Brands avoid being the last out of a reps bag with Lauren Webb [EP 213]

“The current sales model is broken. It really hasn’t adapted. And small outdoor retail brands are always last out of the bag if even mentioned at all. So many traditional sales reps are based on schedule and ROI and that’s why a lot of these brands just really never get a chance”

A life of Ranching, Adventure, and Outdoor Retail with Wes Allen of Sunlight Sports [EP 212]

“They want to be able to tell a story that local Outdoor Retail customers will relate to. That’s the whole concept behind the Argo Agency”

Fly Fishing and Stewardship on the Truckee River [EP 209]

I’m talking Fly Fishing, Podcasting, Stewardship and more with Nico Sunseri and Ben King of the BearFish Alliance.

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