How Small Outdoor Retail Brands avoid being the last out of a reps bag with Lauren Webb [EP 213]

The current sales model is broken. It really hasn't adapted. And small outdoor retail brands are always last out of the bag if even mentioned at all. So many traditional sales reps are based on schedule and ROI and that's why a lot of these brands just really never get a chance” – Lauren Web, Bullish Endurance

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Lauren Webb

Bullish Endurance describes their solution for last out of the bag Outdoor Retail Brands.

We work with small outdoor retail brands on their marketing and sales solutions. There are so many great companies, that really don't have the bandwidth or the budget to be able to have an in-house sales team or a big marketing campaign budget. We're here to share their story and fill that role.

We work with the Outdoor Retail brands to come with campaigns and activities to execute.

We attend outdoor retail events, consumer events, it just really depends. Every company is different and everywhere they see their customer is different, whether it's a consumer or retailers. So we just really get to know the customer and how best to give them their best return on investment.

How do you create and execute a solution for a last out of the bag Outdoor Retail Brand?

We communicate. They know what we do best and they know what they do best. And by collaborating and getting to know what and where their best return on investment is we build a solution for the customer that fits their needs. Maybe they need exposure in a certain area. For example a lot of the West Coast outdoor retail brands that maybe you and I have relationships with because we were based on the West coast but in the Southeast, nobody's ever heard of them.

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What kind of Outdoor Retail Brand Solutions do you create? Is it different per brand, different per shop? Is it all bespoke stuff?

Things like going to outdoor retail events for some lead generation at a trade show that they may be interested in, but don't have the support staff to be able to do that. Or attending consumer events to build the brand and engage with their direct to consumer. Maybe it's a little bit more of a tactical brand that's looking for some connection with some outdoor retailers because, you know, we have great retail and event partners nationwide. Tt just really depends on the company. Some companies prefer the traditional retail model, some are happy working with distributors and the distribution model. So we basically connect them with partners and increase exposures. We just do it all.

What are some of the results you've achieved for Outdoor Retail Brands and Retailers

Increased sales and we've been able to showcase great outdoor retail brands that make sense for our retailers. We're able to share their story. And I think that that's the biggest thing. There are so many brands that retailers might have seen through Instagram or on social. So we're able to connect those partners.

What has been the response from Outdoor Shops and Brands?

The biggest thing is that brands are just looking for a solution. This is what has really resonated. Outdoor Retail stores want to hear about any product or a new approach, as long as it's cost-effective and has a customer for them. Since we're compensated by the solution package and not necessarily going in with a bag of 15 lines and maybe we get into the last few, the retailer isn't constantly being sold. We're working on whatever solution works best for them. So a better relationship is being formed through the retailer and the brand and our agency. This collaboration being formed. At the end of the day creating collaboration between small brands and retailers is the overall solution. That’s great!

How can folks follow up with you?

You can check out our website at www.bullishendurance.com or contact us via email at bullishendurance@gmail.com

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