005: Amy Magyar- A Coach for Life

June 13, 2017

Amy has a diverse Industry background, her experience includes roles as a buyer for Any Mountain and Peter Glenn, Director of Soft goods sales with Burton and now operates her Coaching business Take Aim From Within.

In this conversation, we talk about she got into the outdoor biz, her buying career and how she transitioned into Coaching.

Show Notes


Founder from within coaching

Sales Operations Burton Snowboards

University of Vermont

Coachville LLC

American University

First exposure to the outdoors

back of bike buggy on fathers bike traveling around New England

learned to walk by skiing in winter

Dad provide physical side of sport Mom provided mental endurance perspective

still a skier/snowboarder, runner and avid indoor cyclist

Things we talked about

first job in an athletic footwear store

racket and jog, wash, DC

opportunities in outdoor industry today

“walk it out”

Steve Jobs

“remember to look behind you and pull up, make sure as you move forward create a big wake for other to jump on ride the path with you”

“don’t forget your mentor doesn't have to be older than you”


regular spinning classes

daily dog walk

daily meditation


The Art of Uncertainty– Dennis Merritt Jones

Insanely Simple– Ken Segall

Big Magic– Elizabeth Gilbert

Work like DaVinci– Michael Gelb

The Power of Kindness-Piero Ferrucci

The One Day Contract-Rick Pitino

The Power of Habit– Charles Duhigg

Born to Run– Christopher McDougall

Natural Born Heroes– Christopher McDougall

A life without limits– Chrissie Wellington

Tools of Titans– or Anything by Tim Ferriss

Connect with Amy

Website:  takeaimfromwithin

Twitter: @unlimitedvt

Instagram:  amymagyar

Facebook:  From Within Coaching


from within coaching




Andy Puddicombe

Tim Ferriss– podcasts, books


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