025: Beau Johnston- Publisher of Living Overland, dedicated to gourmet camp cooking and overland travel.

August 17, 2017

I recently caught up up with Beau Johnston of Living Overland Journal and Toyota Cruisers and Trucks at Outdoor Retailer. We talked about a different element of the outdoor business as Beau tells us about this works with Toyota and the great content his team creates for the Living Overland blog.

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

Beau got his first exposure to the outdoors as a child, mayne 8 weeks old! His parents took him camping, hiking, fishing etc at a very young age and he's been at it ever since!

Things we talked about

We talked about the difference between the Living Overland Journal which focused more on the “living” side of overlanding including gear reviews for gear, cooking recipes and the like. Then he has the Toyota Cruisers and Trucks site which is geared more to the automotive side of overlanding.

We also talked about Beau's dyslexia and how he overcomes that to write articles and create content.

Camp Chef

Topo Designs

ARB bumper

Toyota Cruisers and Trucks

Living Overland

Tenkara USA

Other Outdoor Activities

hunts and fishes a lot

Best Gear Purchase under $100

old coleman stove

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Twitter @beauverland

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