032: Peter Downing- How Suffer Better is giving back to the Endurance community

September 12, 2017

Show Notes

Peter tells us about a nice family tradition that was his first experience in the outdoors and the cool things he is doing with Suffer Better.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

we've continued this tradition where my dad took me and my brothers on a fly-fishing trip . We were able to go when we reached that ripe old age of 12. We went off into the wilderness for a week with him and some of his buddies. My brothers and I still do that with our sons only we go to go to the same place where we've gone for 50 years. We actually just got back and saw more bears than people which was a good thing.

Things we talked about

Gravity Sports Film Festival

Peace Corps


Suffer Better

Race Across America

Advice, tips

What I love this about this industry now is I think there's so many ways to get involved. First to me is you got to know somebody. I still think it's true that if you know somebody you should utilize that. I think those things make a huge difference. I also think people are more open to just showing up, going to somebody and saying look I'm interested in this and I want to do this. I think on the other side companies and people are more receptive to that and just sort of grab the bull by the horns and jump in. There are places like my daughter for example. She's 25, she's a trail runner and she's gotten into web development. She went to a good school and came out with a neuroscience degree but wasn't excited about those jobs so she's gone back and gotten into web coding school. Every industry needs that and a lot of them. I think if the industry is interesting to you there's a lot of ways to get involved and it doesn't mean you have to be this crazy outdoor focused person.  There's a lot of ways to work in the industry in sort of those non-traditional ways too.They're more traditional to business but non-traditional to outdoor. I think those opportunities exist and I also think you put yourself out there. I think people are more able to do that now than they used to be. So I think the opportunities are there it's just putting yourself out there and and letting the world know what is interesting to you and that you have something to offer.

Favorite Books

Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko

The Hard Way by Mark Jenkins

Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

Titan by Ron Chernow

After Jackie by Cal Fussman

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Petzl Tikka

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Garmin Watch

Connect with Peter

Suffer Better





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