039: Sam Roberts- Climber, Skier, Photographer and Outdoor Advocate share his love for all things outdoors.

October 05, 2017

Show Notes

Sam Roberts talks about some of his adventures and the great he and the Friends of the Inyo do in the Eastern Sierra.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

Well I was lucky enough to have parents that just loved the outdoors and love to camp. So much so that when I was 3 or 4 my dad took a job working at a processing plant, the skeleton of which still remains near Owens Lake. We lived in a little tiny little hamlet called Cartego. It is a tiny little hamlet and if you blink on 395 you're gonna miss it. But actually my first memory is of sweeping snow off our driveway. We used to take walks through the desert there at the foot of the Sierra. So those first few years there were I think what set my path. I was four and five and then we moved back to Southern California to go to the schools there. I have vivid memories of being there and that was a tiny little place. Then that led of course to camping trips. I'll always come up to the Owens Valley and the Eastern Sierra. That led to backpacking hiking and I had an uncle who liked to backpack and scramble up Peaks so he introduced me to that.

Things we talked about

Norman Clyde

Glacier Lodge

Smoke Blanchard

Palisade School of Mountaineering

John Fisher

Sierra Club

American Alpine Club

Ibex Expeditions

Allan Bard

Adventure 16

Friends of the Inyo

Winter Wildlands Alliance

Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Alliance

Advice, tips

First and foremost just get out you know, really get outside. Look to people like David Brower and John Muir, these guys are icons in conservation and they started by having these wild intense experiences outdoors and that just manifested itself. So I would say first and foremost get out, know sleep out in the dirt, live your outside for a while and see if it's really for you. It's not for everyone and if it is for you run with it. You don't even have live the dirt bag life. Come up to Mammoth get a hotel room and go on a hike, go to your local park. Just get out and like Bard said let a bird shit on you and get out where it's real, it'll change your perspective.

Other Outdoor Activities


fly fishing


Favorite Books

Flow. The psychology of optimal experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (audio book)

Barbarian Days. A surfing life, by William Finnegan (audio book)

The Rise of Superman, by Stephen Kotler

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Dynafit Guide Leash

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

This American Life

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