041: Stacy Bare-Stacy tells us about his project Adventure Not War where he goes back to ski and adventure in all the places where he fought during his military service.

October 12, 2017

Show Notes

This episode is with Stacy Bare from Sierra Club Outdoors. Stacy tells us about climbing an ant hill in Botswana and a project of his called Adventure Not War where he goes back to ski and adventure in all the places where he fought, cleaned up after war, or was supposed to go to war.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

So right before two years old and my brother was probably six my parents moved the family to Botswana. My dad was an agricultural professor at the university just outside of Gaborone which is the capital of Botswana. I have this memory, I don't know if it's actually my memory or if it's just stories that have been told to me and I've seen the slideshow photos but I distinctly remember trying to climb up on top of a termite mound. These termite mounds are absolutely huge and I have memories of that. I got to know the Okavango and just doing some really cool stuff like that. Then my family moved us back to eastern South Dakota which is where I grew up. From about age four or five on I was in Brookings, South Dakota. Home of the South Dakota State University fighting Jackrabbits! The highest point in my hometown with a covered landfill and I was running up and down that little hill and then around the bluffs of eastern South Dakota on the big Sioux River. South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska was where I grew up and I spent a lot of time camping, running around and just being a kid and doing a lot of stupid stuff.

Things we talked about

The Sierra Club

Sierra Club Outdoors

Adventure Not War

Veterans Expeditions

Outward Bound

Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

Other Outdoor Activities

Favorite Books

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer

Open Midnight by Brooke Williams

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Thermarest Pro Lite Air Mattress

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Get outside every day

Sun Salutations- iPhone  iPad

Mountain Hub- iPhone  iPad

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Stacy A Bear on Facebook and Instagram

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