044: Scott Ohsman- Scott gives us some great insight regarding Amazon

October 24, 2017

Show Notes

Scott’s agency operates in the Pacific Northwest, he talks with us about Amazon and offers some strategies and actionable tactics independent retailers can employ compete with and against them.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

My first real exposure, again having a father grew up in the city in New York and my mother grew up in Denver I didn't have a lot of outdoor exposure other than parents friends who took me out fishing in Minnesota. Growing up in Cedar Rapids Iowa I also did the Boy Scout and got as far as Weblos. My father was at the Hyatt in Chicago so that's the kind of father-son stuff we did. Honestly I had different experiences depending on what you call outdoor. My mom took us on trips and we got to go horseback riding and that kind of thing. So I was exposed in different ways but not the traditional backpacking type activities.

Things we talked about





Consumer driving “path to purchase”; consumer is setting the price/value, Amazon has set up consumer expectation of a “friction less” transaction. 

in 2016 over 55% of US consumers started their “path to purchase” on Amazon




Razorfish (Jason Goldberg)

Channel Advisor (Scott Wingo)

Advice, tips

everything goes through that phone, so figure out some way somehow to be on that phone” -Scott Ohsman

make sure you’re near the top of the “path to purchase”

set up your business up so your margins allow you to take all forms of payment

set up your business to meet consumer expectation of a “friction less” transaction

use reviews as POP info

add technology, for example consider iPads and other screen options as POP displays

(used/refurbished iPads available on e-bay for $100-160)

implement a loyalty program for your customers (Amazon has approximately 85 million prime members. That is about 35 percent more than last year) More households subscribe to Amazon Prime than have a cable subscription

Consider a “dynamic” pricing program 

Consider a “private label” program

Implement one thing a week or two things a month and by the end of the year you have a whole new business

Favorite Books

Contagious by John Berger  Hardcover  Audible

Be Unstoppable by Alden Mills  Hardcover  Audible 

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Luci solar lanterns

Mountainsmith mountain back slingback chair

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Jason and Scot Show e-commerce podcast

Sales Calc   iPhone   iPad

Genius Scan   iPhone  iPad

Connect with Scott

Twitter: @scottohsman 

Facebook:  Scott Ohsman    The Cairn Co


Website:  TheCairnCo.com


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