055: Luis Vargas- this episode is with adventure travel entrepreneur and advisor Luis Vargas

November 30, 2017

Show Notes

Luis tells about his background and how adventure travel continues to evolve towards discovery and experiential adventures. We also talk a bit about his newest venture Modern Adventure. You can check that out at modernadventure.com

First Exposure to the Adventure Travel

My first exposure was right out of out of college. I grew up in San Diego and I saw an advertisement in the San Diego Reader, it said something like get paid to travel and show young people around the United States. Long story short I called that number and had a phone interview and they gave me a job. I spent a summer driving a big white van around the United States full of international tourists. They were trips at mostly national parks and it was just an incredible incredible ride. I'd found my calling and just absolutely loved to share the world with people and to be outside.

Things we talked about


Adventures by Disney

REI Adventures

Adventure Travel Trade Association

The Clymb

Modern Adventure

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Adventure Cycling Association

Sustainable Travel International

Advice, tips

I get that question a fair bit and I think that guiding is still a great way to to enter the industry. Then depending on what people are interested you can essentially find a job that will allow you to do that. Whether they want to be a raft guide, mountain guide, hiking guide or just more of a trip leader working for for companies where you're essentially lead group travel. You know there's companies that are looking to hire. One of my favorite jobs as a guide was for Backroads. It's active nationally and you travel all over the world. I know that they're actively looking for guides. So visit Backroads.com and there's an opportunity to check out. The wonderful thing about that is it's a great introduction from the ground up.

The other side of it is the Adventure Travel Trade Association. They have great resources including a job board and is convenient. So if you're in the industry and want to grow I think that's a good way to build your network. I've always been a believer in the best time to build relationships with people is when you don't  need anything. Building relationships because of a shared interest or approach, people are very responsive to that. So start building your networking from there. For people that that aren't in the industry I would say the other tip right now, which is different is content is king. There's young people that have managed to create some really compelling content channels like Instagram. If you build an audience you have a pretty amazing set of choices. Having an engaged audience in the tens of thousands can give you influence and that influence allows you to to open some doors. Then you start to be recognized so I think there's some young people even as early as high school that can start developing a point of view and a voice. If that happens I think it could lead to really interesting results.

Other Outdoor Activities

backpacking, snow sports, being in the water, diving

Favorite Books

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

The first 90 days by Michael D. Watkins

The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Snow Peak titanium mug

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Headspace  iPhone  iPad

Service  iPhone  iPad

Evernote  iPhone  iPad

Trello  iPhone  iPad

Slack  iPhone  iPad

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