068: Soraya Shattuck- The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund doing good work around the world.

January 16, 2018

Show Notes

Soraya tells us about the recently formed Adventure Travel Conservation Fund and the great work they’re doing and her introduction to Adventure Travel thru her families Safari business.

First Exposure to the Adventure Travel

I grew up in Kenya and my parents actually ran a safari operation out of Nairobi so we would spend a lot of our weekends out on safari. I guess it depends on how you define adventure travel, you know doing extreme sports or traveling to Patagonia to climb or going to India backpacking. Your budgets like four dollars a day so I got to help people have their adventures. It was fun because in addition to being able to travel and having a lot of those experiences I got to see the other side of it which was the planning and what's involved and how you really craft that experience that's once-in-a-lifetime for a lot of people.

Things we talked about

The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

The Adventure Travel Trade Association

REI Adventures

Ex Officio

Eagle Creek

Back Roads

Shannon Stowell

Steve Barker

Advice, tips

I think this is maybe a more general answer to the question, I think what's been really cool to see over maybe the last decade or so is people are really sort of creating jobs for themselves based on what they want to do. It may not have been something that was necessarily stated or that your parents thought was an actual career or something like that, but if you find your passions, align them and say what “what do I want to do, how could this look, how can I get there and who can I meet that can help me craft this and turn it into something”. I think is really powerful and I feel like there has been a trend in sort of this generation coming up. Looking for jobs to really find more than just the money and everything like that but more about what do I really want to do, what jobs that line up with their passions. I think then finding finding mentors and people who can sort of guide you and help you answer some of those challenging questions is gonna be super important.

Other Outdoor Activities

Rock Climbing and mountaineering

Skiing and snowboarding

Sailing and kayaking

Favorite Books

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

Surviving the Extremes by Kenneth Kamler

Best Gear Purchase under $100


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