069: Dan Blanchard- A log raft escapade at 5 years old inspired a lifetime of adventure.

January 18, 2018

Show Notes

Dan tells us about the cool adventures offered by UnCruise and some great locations to add to your adventure bucket list.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

Mine starts in a different way, when I was four years old my family bought a tugboat here in Puget Sound which we lived on summers and I was granted a log raft on the Snohomish River. So my first personal adventure experience was when I was five my dad let me and a buddy go on a about a 1,000 foot leash up the river where we broke the leash and went down the river. Fortunately this was the tidal part of the river so there were no rapids. But you know at that the Gilligan's Island show was a big thing and we had on this wood raft we had an antenna, a steering wheel that did nothing and of course we were scared to death but we were singing the Gilligan's Island going down this river.

Things we talked about

UnCruise Adventures

Pacific Northwest

The Amazon

Costa Rica


The Gulf Coast


Sea of Cortez


The Arctic

Advice, tips

The first thing of course is have the desire. I always like the folks that come up through the guide ranks. They understand the guiding side and the importance of what we do. Then there's a whole other level of understanding business which most of us that are passionate about what we do have no idea about. This takes a while, generally adventure people aren't necessarily business folks first, they're adventure people first. So I would suggest to anybody that has started their world in adventuring and guiding and this kind of thing to start a small business first. Most of these adventure jobs are seasonal so maybe you start doing yoga retreats in Alaska on your own during the offseason and get that experience. Maybe it's just a few weeks a year at a time rather than you know taking the deep plunge where you don't have any income and you're trying to make a year-round business survive.

Other Outdoor Activities

Backcountry skiing



Favorite Books

Salmon in the Trees by Amy Gulick

The Alexander Archipelago by Gustav Tjgaard

Sailing around the World by Josh Slocum

anything by Jack London

Best Gear Purchase under $100

micro spikes

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