070: Krista Dill- Outdoor Retailer Sales Director talks about Denver and the changes she’s seen in the industry over the years.

January 23, 2018

Show Notes

Krista tells us about her experience as a division 1 volleyball player at Duke University, how she got involved with Outdoor Retailer, and the changes she’s seen in the industry over the years.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I actually ended up just knowing somebody that was already working here in the office. At that time the company was owned by Nielsen and I had an interview with Kenji Hartunian. I was able to come on board as a junior sales rep and took over the West Coast territory which, I like to think is one of the best territories with a lot of solid outdoor brands. Fast forward ten years later I'm now the Sales Director heading up the sales team for Outdoor Retailer.

Things we talked about



Growth and Changes in the Industry

2008-2209 recesson

The Tornado

Larry Harrison

Kenji Haroutunian

Venture Out

Merging of Outdoor Retailer and The Snow Show

Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

Marisa Nicholson

Advice, tips

I would say be passionate. I think what's great about this industry is that it is really inclusive and you have an opportunity to find a mentor. Many of the individuals are founders of many of the brands that are iconic brands in the industry. They still work in the industry so I think being passionate and have a willingness to be a part of a team are important. Obviously finding your niche and an outdoor activity is always great but also look to make those connections with a mentor. I really think there's been some great steps forward to take advantage of some some really great knowledge from individuals we have and in the industry. You also have the outdoor industry association and the outdoor foundation that launched the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy, that I think is now in the third year and I think that's a great step forward.  I think there's also advice for our industry to be open and to see talent outside. I think we have a lot of great people who are in the industry and retention of talent is really important for us as we continue to remain competitive with other industries. Whatever we can do internally to advance get people, to train them, to let them have support and mentorship is really important as well and we need to play a role too.

Other Outdoor Activities


Favorite Books

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Lucy Leggings

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Simon Sinek TED talk

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Outdoor Retailer contacts


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