072: Stasia Raines Walker- Stasia leads The Skip Yowell future leadership academy.

January 30, 2018

Show Notes

Stasia tells about her career, her experience at The Outdoor Industry Association and how The Skip Yowell future leadership academy came to life.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I led by tours of Paris and I lived in Australia for a bit. I just did a lot of travelling. I just went to many places as I possibly could.

Eagle Creek was really my first job in the outdoor industry. My relevancy to that industry was on the travel side. I was a pretty adventurous traveler throughout my 20s and got into the industry from Frank Whiting, he recruited me into the industry. He told me they were looking for some real travelers to be part of Eagle Creek and do some PR so that was my first official job.

Things we talked about

Outdoor Industry Association

The Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

Deanna Lloyd

Big City Moutaineers

Advice, tips

For me one of the things that I found most valuable is pulling from the resources that we have. We are in such a cool place in our industry where many of the founders are still part of what we're doing even if they've left their companies there's still participating in other ways. Reach out to them and talk to them about their careers, talk to them about how to get into that industry, they're super accessible. The other thing is just to continue the hustle. If you work hard and continue to put forth consistent work that gets recognized in our industry. That will set you apart from others.

Other Outdoor Activities

Jogging, Cycling, Snowboarding

Favorite Books

Dove by Robin L. Graham

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Healthy Love Seat Chair

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