074: Gordon Wiltsie- An incredible life of epic adventures around the world.

February 06, 2018

Show Notes

Gordon tells us about some of his more epic assignments and how he learned to “endure” as a youngster on family adventures.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I actually got exposed to the outdoors at a very young age. My father moved to Bishop because he was helping to build the Barcroft Station for University of California and the Navy in the White Mountains. I have a picture of myself at six weeks old up at the Patriarch Grove at the Bristlecones. We were very outdoorsy and did a lot of camping, sometimes I say that I learned to suffer at very young age, we endured some epic trips as a kid.

Things we talked about

Barcroft Station


Patriarch Grove

Union Carbide Mine

Mountain Gazette

Outside Magazine

National Geographic Explorers

Mountain Travel Sobek

American Prairie Reserve

American Himalayan Foundation

Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation

Advice, tips

My advice is persevere because it's not an easy thing to do, and be passionate about it. Keep your options open. I remember the best advice I ever got was keep doing what you love but have a fallback. Have another career that you can pursue. It was funny because he said now Gordon here he's got the perfect name and he's got guiding. I laughed at the time but you know that was true. I had artists who were cousins who were very successful artists eventually in the Bay Area, and they said have a way to make money that doesn't take a whole lot of creativity. When you have your free time you can devoted that your creativity. I thought that was great advice as well. But the main thing is to believe in yourself. I think in photography especially, one place where a lot of people fall down is with modern cameras and digital and Photoshop and all that. It feels like you don't really have to pay your dues, but that's really important. To be technically proficient and know how to light a situation and so that you can go someplace and know that you're gonna come back with something decent, even if it's not what you expect.

Other Outdoor Activities

Walking up down the coast or just sitting on a rock and kind of meditating, or watching what's going on, you know it's a wonderful experience.


Climb at the climbing gym periodically

Favorite Books

Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer

Endurance by Alfred Lansing

Mawson's Will by Lennard Bickel

The Terror by Dan Simmons

Best Gear Purchase under $100


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