075: Rachid Dahnoun- Great stories and tips about building an Outdoor Photo career

February 08, 2018

Show Notes

Rachid tells us about how he turned a love for painting into a prolific outdoor photo career and some of the cool places he gets to shoot.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I actually went to finish high school up by in Mount Shasta area at a boarding school. I was really big into painting and drawing in high school so I got accepted with that portfolio into this new College of Art and then from there is where I actually had my first experience in the darkroom. In a lot of ways it was a blessing in disguise I'd say because that was where I first came out to California. Tt was my first time living in the mountains and then ultimately led to my first backpacking trip. So there there was a silver lining there for sure. I've always been outdoors, I grew up skateboarding my whole life in South Carolina and being outside. On Hilton Head Island on the beach at the ocean . . . I've always loved being outdoors. But once I was in Northern California that was when I really had my first experience hiking in the mountains.

Things we talked about

Trinity Alps

Mt. Shasta

Lake Tahoe


Aurora Photos

Advice, tips

Find a niche that you're you're really excited about, especially within the outdoor industry. If you want to work on the high level of any of those different disciplines you really need to have focused in, you may get less jobs initially but it will translate into larger paying more high volume work in the long term. The thing is that is really tough right now, the landscape it's just changing and that's across all disciplines, not just the outdoor business but all businesses. The kind of Content we're making, how much we're making where it's going, how it's being ingested is evolving. Media, internet campaigns, marketing campaigns have changed drastically and editorial is a completely different landscape than what it used to be. It takes a much smaller role so I think it's really important to be aware of what's going on.

Other Outdoor Activities

Hike, Snowboard, Mtn Biking

Favorite Books

The Peregrine by J. A. Baker

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Black Diamond Headlamp

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Sunseeker  iPhone   iPad

Star Walk  iPhone  iPad

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