082: Dan Funk- Eagle Creek Dan tells us about his funky vw bus and his new Retail Merchandising role

March 06, 2018

Dan and I talk about his lifelong experience in the outdoors, what it’s like to manage brand ambassadors and he also tells us about his cool VW Bus. Follow him on Instagram at @funky__bus and check it out.

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I grew up in a family that really loved the outdoors. My dad was in the Navy and we basically explored every area that we lived from Florida, California, Hawaii, to Washington D.C.

My parents would take us out exploring these different cities and the surrounding areas like national parks, nearby cities, you name it.There’s photos of me in Yosemite Valley from before I could even walk. We mostly did car camping since we are a family of four kids. It was definitely a little bit of a mess. More fun though. And then as a kid I joined the Boy Scouts and continued that outdoor obsession through my childhood and into my adult life.

Things we talked about

Shaper Studios


La Jolla Kayak

Eagle Creek

South by Southwest

Advice, tips

If you’re just trying to get into the outdoor biz, I’d say the first thing is to hone in on what you’re passionate about in the outdoors, whether that’s surfing, or hiking, or camping, etc. Then also try to hone in on something that you’re passionate about on the business side of things, like product design, marketing or sales. If you can combine those two passions, then I’d say you’re golden.

Additionally, if you don’t have the business experience yet, try pursuing some in person volunteering opportunities to help build that experience. Volunteering can not only help you gain experience, but can also set you apart from other candidates and gives you an idea of what a job in the industry is like.

And don’t forget to Boogie!

Other Outdoor Activities



Rock Climbing

Scuba Diving

Playing with our little girl

Favorite Books

On the Road by by Jack Kerouac

Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

Best Gear Purchase under $100


Eagle Creek Pack it Sets

Connect with Dan 


Funky Life

Funky Bus

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