086: Jordan Mead- Jordan tells us about growing up in the Biz and his agency JM Sales

March 20, 2018

Show Notes

Jordan operates a sales agency in Southern California focused mainly on the Action Sports Industry representing brands like Volcom, Electric, Stance, HUF and others

Jordan and I talk about he grew up around retail at Adventure 16, his experience at Montana State and how he got his start in the repping world.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

as young as I can remember and just going back and looking at photos from when I was little kid one and a half years old we were out camping. And yeah I mean I was pretty much born and raised in A16 and hanging out there with my uncle Mick from as long as I can remember.

Things we talked about

JM Sales & Service

Adventure 16

Montana State

Philmont Scout Ranch






Advice, tips

Get out there and do it. The more you know about it and the more you involve yourself in it the more people you meet doing those types of activities the more likely you are to get a foot in the door. I mean I look back to how I got into it and that’s exactly how I how I got into it. I was just around all the time and serving skating, snowboarding and doing everything I would have been doing anyway. It turned into a job for me. And ask a ton of questions. That’s one thing looking back that I don’t think I did enough was ask questions, and we never do when we’re young we think we know it all you know. And so yes. Surround yourself with it and ask tons of questions about it. I’ve spent the last five years really investing into it time wise and money wise and building it to a certain point where the changing of the guard will happen soon.

Other Outdoor Activities

Fly Fishing


Snow Boarding

Favorite Books

One second after by William Forstchen

Let my people go surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Stance Adventure Socks

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Jordan on Instagram

JM Sales on Instagram


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