087: Alli Noland-Seventeen years of PR experience

March 22, 2018

Show Notes

With over seventeen years of experience in PR Alli tells us about her agency Terra Public Relations, her time with Stanwood and Partners and her career as a DJ in Jackson. She also tells about her Luge course. Hit the link in the show notes to see the video.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

My family were big fans of camping when I was little and I actually have a picture of my sister and I in front of the Tetons when I was like 7 or something like that. No I got a job at the ski shop out at Jackson Hole Mountain resort. And that was the beginning of my true appreciation of the people and the mountain and the other things that Jackson has to offer. Yeah a retail experience, a little retail experience rental monkey experience, I got to be excellent with a screwdriver.

Things we talked about

Alli's Luge run


Goodhew Socks

Jackson Teton County Animal Shelter

Advice, tips

I feel like you know if you treat people by the golden rule and you really work hard in the outdoor industry opportunities do kind of present themselves.

Other Outdoor Activities


Mountain Biking



Favorite Books

anything by David Sedaris

You'll never eat lunch in this town again by Julia Phillips

Popular Science

Popular Mechanics

US weekly

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Seirus Days Mitt

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Google Docs


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