092: Jan Greenspan from Nite Ize- How he got into the outdoors through scouting.

April 10, 2018

Show Notes

I think you will enjoy my conversation with one of my long time outdoor buds Jan Greenspan on the show today.

Jan tells us how he got into the outdoors through scouting his time with Sequel, Retail Concepts, and how Nite Ize comes with all their great accessories.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I would say perhaps a traditional track, it was through scouting. I lived near school grounds that had a troop, troop to 22 in Beaumont, Texas. We had a really together scouting group, a great scout master Mr Howell. I will tell you that is what set me on course. My father was a great influence on me but was not an outdoors man. So through the scouting groups, it really gave me a chance to get outdoors and experience you know, building my first a campsite, tents and fires and things like that.

Things we talked about

Nite Ize


Retail Concepts

Rick Case

Conservation Alliance

Advice, tips

This industry is made up of a bunch of passionate people, passionate about what they enjoy doing on a personal level or whatever that sport or activity is from climbing to cycling or backpacking or boating. I think be true to what it is that you really enjoyed doing and it will come through you, right? In the end it becomes you. Honestly, I think it's through friendships, It's through putting yourself out there when you get a chance. I think it's a pretty forgiving and inviting industry. It's got a great mix of old and young folks. Part of it is, being open and willing to learn. You know, with our inner click and buy society. It's not going to happen as fast as you'd like it. If you're listening to this and want to get in the game, you got to do something.

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