096: Nate Simmons-there’s an opportunity for strange bedfellows to come together to get good things done for public lands.

April 24, 2018

Show Notes

Great conversation with Nate Simmons from Backbone Media on the show today.

Nate and I talk about where his outdoor passion comes from, Backbone Media and how we have an opportunity to unite all outdoor recreation enthusiasts towards better public lands stewardship and recreation experiences for all.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

As a kid my Grandfather and my dad hunting and fishing was something that we did together and that was something that pulled me outside, so I think a lot of it really started there. My grandfather was a big game hunter and talking about his trips to Canada and out West  I would hear about those adventures and that always really drew me in to the outdoors. Then, you know, school and boy scouts and camping and that sort of thing starts to come into it a little bit. that was a big driver too.

Things we talked about

Backbone Media

Big City Mountaineers

Protect our Winters

Conservation Alliance

The Nature Conservancy

The Wilderness Society

Advice, tips

I would say start anywhere you can and start where your passion lies. And so if it's a job at retail or if it's a job guiding, any way that you can possibly break into that activity or, or the niche that you're most passionate about, that forms the basis, I think for the rest of your career. And of course definitely start at the ground up. Any way you can leverage your way in and those experiences will pay benefits later as you move up through the organizations or through the industry. I mean, being able to look back at your experience as a guide or as a retail person is important. I've seen so many people build their career because they're passionate about it and they make great connections and they worked their way through.

So many people here who have, who worked retail and they're close to the customer, close to the brands and they see that, you know, the comparison between them. And that's an amazing experience. And I would say the other comment for someone looking to get into the space is, be a student of the game. If you're interested in it, pay attention to the brands that are doing that are doing well and to the brands that aren't doing well. Who catches your radar and why. And I think that's a big part of it too. That's where for backbone when work with a hunting company, we hire hunters and if we work for a fishing company we hire anglers. So it's easy for them to be a student of the game because they're passionate about it and maybe paying attention to it anyway. We're always looking for a newer better widget that makes it easier, faster or more fun, safer as end users. And so that takes a lot of the pressure off the job.

Other Outdoor Activities

Skate ski

Fly Fishing

Elk Hunting


Mtn Biking

Favorite Books

50 Classic Ski Descents in North America

Best Gear Purchase under $100

YETI Lowball

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