109: Danica Carey-Fun conversation with Danica Carey from Seirus

June 07, 2018

Danica grew up with a passion for the Outdoors hiking, camping, skiing and playing sports like soccer. She tells how she and her sister basically started at Seirus when they were toddlers

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

My parents really got us into the outdoors pretty early growing up in Southern California. We were total water babies, at the beach all the time and by the time I was about two, they had taken us up to the mountains and put us on skis right away. So that was pretty cool, I just took to the skis so quickly. I loved it. They'd put me on the mountain and drop me off at the top and all I wanted to do is go straight. I think it started turning when I was about 15.

Things we talked about


Jay Peak

Big Sky

SOS outreach

Vail Veterans Program

Advice, tips

I would say follow what your passion. You have to find what your passion is and then find something that you contribute to it. There's so many things that you do. We can't all be professional athletes, we can't all be the best biker or snowboarder, but we can all contribute to making it as accessible and available to everyone. And I think that passion for the activity will help you do whatever you want to do.

I think people always have multiple talents, passions. And there's plenty brands, vendors and retailers that could use programming for example. So if you have a talent that is something not necessarily outdoors, there's plenty of places to use your talent.

Other Outdoor Activities







Favorite Books

Health is Your Birthright by Ellen Tart-Jensen

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Seirus all weather gloves

Seirus extreme all weather gloves

Carhartt Bomber Jacket


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