161: Shanti Hodges- Have you thought of starting a non profit? Shanti Hodges talks about that and more on this episode.

May 14, 2019

Show Notes

Shanti Hodges drops plenty of insight into starting and operating a non profit on this episode.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I think really, just from the very beginning, my parents were always outside. I grew up in rural Canada as a little kid and so we were outside a lot. And then as I got older I moved to Eugene, Oregon, and that's a very outdoorsy town. So, you know, I was around at the beginning of mountain biking and I had a mountain bike club that I started in my high school when I was 15. I always loved being outside and it was always something I felt like I could do and I didn't feel pressure like I felt with other sports.

Things we talked about

Hike It Baby

Transworld Snowboarding

Men's Journal


Outdoor Retailer



Health Watch

Snowboarding Online

Jose Gonzalez, Latino Outdoors

Mirna Valerio

American Hiking Society

National Park Trust

Leave No Trace

Adventure Mamas

Other Outdoor Activities

Mtn Biking, Paddling, Surfing

Advice, tips

Look for people that you admire. I would say actually join the organization and just start. Go in and learn about it, take our training program and learn all about us and how we run our whole program and doing it. Do the work and learn about it. Don't just ask someone to feed you the information show you. We have a training program and if you were starting a nonprofit or you're starting an organization like ours, join our organization and shadow it for six months and let us know you're doing it. I would love people to start the organizations in ways we do.

Favorite Books

Barefoot and Balanced by Angela Hanscom

No such thing as bad weather by Linda Akeson McGurk

Running Home by Katie Arnold

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100

Onya baby carrier

Connect with Shanti

Hike it Baby Instagram

Shanti Instagram



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