181: Mason Gravely talks about his passion for cycling and the Adventure Sports Podcast

October 08, 2019

Mason talks about his many outdoor adventures, the Camp Crate project, how he got involved in podcasting and more.

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

 In college. I was born and raised in Florida and what people may not know a lot about Florida is it there's a huge hunting culture. Deer hunting, Wild hogs called Razorbacks, turkeys, lots of turkeys, just all kinds of hunting. I'm telling you man, tons of people do it, at least where I'm from. So I grew up doing that and fishing as well. Then in college, I just started getting into the more of the sporting side.

I decided to do a big bike trip between sophomore and junior year. A big bike tour across the country and just fell in love from there and kept doing it every summer. And just like the roads across the country, your career takes a lot of strange winding, exciting turns.

Things we talked about

The Adventure Sports Podcast

Camp Crate

Ep. 439: From Alcoholic to an Alaska Adventure Revisited – Robert Shearon

Other Outdoor Activities

Backpacking, Bike Packing, Kayaking


You gotta be flexible and this is not everyone's story. Some people are going to have a great opportunity quickly, just happened to have a knack for it. But in my experience, I've had to be flexible, very flexible and extremely patient. And work very hard.

Favorite Books/Podcasts

John Brent by Theodore Winthrop

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100

Coleman Camp Stove

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