186: Addison Edmonds and Gunner Kennels 5 Star Tested Quality Dog Crates

November 12, 2019

Photo: @brittbachterhoff

Addison Edmonds and I talk about how Gunner Kennels came to life, how he learned to design and build them and the safety features their kennels deliver to protect your pets.

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I think just being obsessed with John Wayne movies and wanting to be a cowboy. I probably picked up my first BB gun when I was five or six and just became obsessed with fishing and hunting. It was always an obsession that I could never get enough. So it has shaped my entire direction in life. I grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee, which is just south of Nashville. It's basically Nashville. A lot of hunting fishing back there. And then went to college in Mississippi.

Things we talked about

Gunner Kennels

Chocolate Labs

Rotational Molding

Center for Pet Safety

Subaru of America

Other Outdoor Activities

Hunting, Fishing, Canoeing, and Camping


I'd say dream big and you just got to figure it out. You, can't quit. I think a lot of people have these great ideas for products or our company or whatever, and it dies after step one of trying to figure out what to do after that. So you just can't quit. I guess you gotta be ignorant of all the risks and just be prepared for the hard work.

Favorite Books/Podcasts

British Training for the American Retriever by Vic Barlow

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100

Yeti 26 ounce Rambler


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