199 Dawson Westenskow: Product Management and Sustainability Consultant

February 11, 2020

Dawson has had the opportunity to work on products including footwear, bags, device cases and more for some of the top outdoor brands and retailers in the world. Living in Bozeman provides plenty of outdoor fun and we talk about his career, education current projects and more.

Show Notes

Introduction to the Outdoors

You know, it's interesting. So my family's from Oregon. Originally I was born in Washington State. But I grew up most of my life in Buffalo, New York, which is not exactly an outdoor Mecca. But there were a few things I think that I enjoyed. The first was getting involved in scouting. I was also sort of the kid who wasn't really into merit badges. Right. I just did it cause it was fun. And I was sort of the one, you know, down exploring the creek and kinda like spearfishing and doing that sort of thing. That was something that was really, I think, important for me growing up.

And then the other was fly fishing. I had a friend growing up who, you know, for whatever reason, he just got into the sport. And he was fascinated with it. And so I can remember in fourth or fifth grade, convincing my parents to buy me a fly rod. And this is Buffalo, New York in the winter and going out and learning to fly cast, right? Like in the snow. But you know, that gave me a lot of opportunities later to just get out and fish and hike and backpack and do all those sorts of things.

Things we talked about

Utah State Outdoor Product Design

Thunderbird School of Global Management


Epic Pass




Other Outdoor Activities

Hiking, biking, climbing, fly fishing


You need to have a personal story. You need to have a personal brand story that explains your path. Because ideally when you're in that interview and what helps you get that interview is being able to explain that all these other experiences kinda led you to this moment where you're the perfect guy for the job, or you're the perfect person for that job. Right? I've made these decisions to kind of position me, so now I'm ready and I'm the person to do this for you. I think that's really important and that gets overlooked. I think the other piece that is really critical is just networking in general. I think a lot of people shy away from networking because it's just hard to put yourself out there and meet people. I think LinkedIn is such a powerful tool that's underutilized and you know, you would be amazed at the caliber of people who are willing to accept an invitation.

Favorite Books/Podcasts

Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

Essentialism by Greg McGowan

Disrupt Yourself by Whitney Johnson

Favorite Outdoor Gear under $100

Fly Fishing Net

BD Burrito Rope Bag

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