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February 25, 2020

Show Notes

Introduction to the Outdoors

I was in high school, a buddy of mine and his family, they had a bunch of land up in West Virginia. And, we'd go up there and go squirrel hunting. And I had never been hunting. I'm not a Hunter now. But we'd just spend time in this cabin that didn't have electricity and it was just awesome man. And that really stoked my appreciation of the outdoors. And me and my buddies, we go hiking a couple of times a year and on the Appalachian trail and I just love it, man.

Things we talked about

Feral Media Group

Rally for Rangers

The Feral Show Podcast

Field Day Studio

Lillie's Q BBQ Sauces

Other Outdoor Activities



Trail Running


I've been hiking and camping and all that stuff for almost, I don't know, for a long time now and I just love it. So some folks are maybe intimidated by the whole process of it. And I'd say just do something simple at first. You know, like go do a car camp or something like that. Go on a hike. Yeah, go hike at your local park and take that in.

In regards to the outdoor adventure space, I'm fairly new to it. Over the past couple of years, I've really gotten into it with Rally for Rangers. And now I'm working with some filmmakers out of Utah and Wyoming on some projects. I think you just kind of put it out there. If you want something just kind of take one step towards that direction. You might not know what the final product is going to be or what the final end goal is going to be, but if you have a general idea of this space you want to be in, just start reaching out to folks, introducing yourself, go to conferences, build relationships. I think just doing it that way. And I think ultimately, whatever it is you want to do in the outdoor space will happen.

Favorite Books and Podcasts

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Favorite Outdoor Gear under $100

Black Diamond Headlamp

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