204 SuperPacific: #1 Spencer Houser and Peter Williams, From Outdoor Product Idea to Launch

March 12, 2020

Show Notes

Introduction to the Outdoors

Spencer- I grew up in rural upstate New York, in an old farmhouse with 60 acres of land. So outdoors was just part of life. I just spent all my time outside, you know, making forts in the woods with my buddies and BMX tracks and, and camping out all summer long. Then in high school got into mountain biking and rock climbing. I was always into skiing.

Peter- I grew up in North Carolina, outside of Raleigh. We lived on some land, the back doors were like a pasture, with a couple of Ponds and a bunch of woods. Outdoors was kind of like the default setting, and after school go outside and when it was time to come in my mom blew a whistle. We would also go down to the beach in North Carolina. We spend a lot of time poking around the outer banks.

Things we talked about

Super Pacific Inc.

Roof Top Tents


“provide jobs for quality jobs for people”

Favorite Books and Podcasts

Channel Mastery

99% Invisible

American Icon by Bryce G. Hoffman

A Finer Future by L. Hunter Lovins

Favorite Outdoor Gear under $100

Houdini Jacket

Kinco Hydro Flector gloves

Connect with Peter and Spencer




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