102: Adam Buchanan- Adam talks about influencer marketing, the importance of trust and much more.

May 15, 2018

Show Notes

Adam talks about his 67 camper re-build project, his passion for the outdoors, some of his experiences with Backcountry.com, Cabelas, Wasatch Touring, and tells us about his business and how you can work with him.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I grew up in New Mexico. We were pretty active outdoor family, I did a lot of skiing, hiking. I actually used to compete in competitive skiing. Leading up to the 2000 Olympics there were a lot of scouts, a lot of competitions and there was some kind of discussion around that, but I was like, you know, I just kinda want to get back into it for fun and not compete. And my big thing was always wanting to get into mountain climbing and climbing Mount Everest one day. That was like my senior year. So my senior trip, I drove myself to Mount Rainier with 11 other strangers and did Mount Rainier and it was a lot of fun and learned a lot and then got married and just start having kids and things and I thought, I don't know if the crazy high altitude peaks or for me.

Things we talked about

Adam Buchanan

Wasatch Touring


The Marketing Trust Podcast

Mark Schaefer- Known


Leave No Trace

Conservation Alliance

Advice, tips

I talk to a lot of college students and a lot of people come and they're like, how do I get started? What do I do? And the advice that I always come back to is, get your hands dirty as quick as possible. This isn't fancy, this isn't glamorous. You know, a lot of people think like, Oh, you going to go into public speaking and you get to work with influencers and how fun is your life and what they don't see is how at 1:00 AM I'm in a live chat with customers on a facebook page or out at 4:00 AM or you know at Fox and friends in New York City, for a PR thing or an interview. You know, trying to capture all the listening data on twitter and just the coordination and all the planning. So I always tell people, you know, get your hands dirty as quick as possible.

Try to get hands on work and if you can't get anyone to work with you, if a brand won't hire you or whatever, just go start your own thing. Go pick a passion that you feel really passionate about and add your voice to the industry. You see people like, oh my gosh Katie Boue, you've had her on your podcast. Katie is the best example of someone who just kept pushing and going and just built her own brand and now you know, brands love working with her and she works with OIA and now she's a huge advocate for the industry and the outdoors as well. That's an example of someone who just kept pushing and pushing and didn't wait for someone to say, well just come and find me and I'll be over here, but just I'll be ready to come out. She just kept pushing it. So that's what I tell people is put in the hours. Put in the work.

Other Outdoor Activities



Rock Climbing



Four Wheeling

Favorite Books

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Red Gold Fish by Graeme Newell

Best Gear Purchase under $100

MSR Hyperflow water filter

ENZO Rings

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Adam Buchanan


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