010: Andy Palmer- How can I get paid to camp?

June 29, 2017

This episode is my conversation with Andy Palmer. Andy and his wife Lori are the founders of The Adventure Portal, a terrific resource for everything related to Vehicle-Assisted Adventure information and news in the U.S.A.

Andy made a mindless comment to a buddy one time about getting paid to camp and he has just about pulled it off.

Show Notes


came to US in 1995

set up Animal USA

VP Sales Dragon Optical

GM Clive

launched Fortress

Ocean Minded

CEO Crank Brothers

first exposure to the outdoors

primitive camping as a kid

sailing and windsurfing as a kid

Things we talked about

The Adventure Portal

Broad product range of European Outdoor businesses

many outdoor activities are all based around camping

Jim and Katie Thomsen

Overlanding vs Vehicle Supported Adventure

How Adventure Camping is different from Overlanding

Vehicle Supported Adventure crosses over into many industries like traditional Outdoor, Adventure Travel, Camping, Off Roading

The Adventure Portal provides Gear Reviews, Trail Reports, First person story of an Adventure, Training

Great piece of gear all outdoor  adventurers need- Max Trax or some kind of sand ladder

Would like to push the focus of The Adventure Portal out to a wider more mainstream audience

The Industry is becoming more mainstream

REI published a catalog in November with no backpacking images

The Adventure Portal promotes and adheres to “Tread Lightly” principles

SEMA– Auto Show in Las Vegas

Gear trends

TurtleBack Trailers



Overland Expo

Off Road Trailer Buyers Guide

A well curated space for this category would be successful at the OR show

Adventure Out at OR

beginning to see Outdoor Retailers embrace this category

the way a specialty outdoor retailer can embrace this activity is to create a liaison with a guiding service

4 Wheel Parts

Rebel Offroad

Other Outdoor activities


Mtn Biking




Best Outdoor Gear purchase under $100

a good knife

Favorite Apps

all photography based

sky guide

photographers ephemeris

Favorite Books

Andy loves anything historical

Trail Guides

Connect with 


The Adventure Portal photo + film


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