015: Dave Best- Interesting conversation about coaching, Life and The Outdoor Biz

July 18, 2017

Today I’m speaking with Dave Best. We had a fascinating conversation about a wide variety of topics related to the outdoor biz, his athletic career, how his love for sports set the stage for his recruiting and coaching business and much more.

Dave operates The Best Group out of Missoula Montana. In 11 years of recruiting he has witnessed first hand a variety of employment cycles.

Show Notes


Dave grew up in Dodge City, NE

Went on to University of Nebraska studying outdoor recreation

First exposure to the outdoors

Camping, fishing on family vacations

spent his youth in and around the Black Hills climbing and camping

Things we talked about

Outdoor Recreation degrees

University of Nebraska

Cal Poly Pomona

Global Recruiters Network



The North Face


Farm to Feet


Routines, tips

Dave says he is either very routing or very spontaneous, no in between


sample a lot of different things and activities to find out where your passion is. Then relentlessly pursue that passion. Build a strong skillset, say no to things that aren't in line with your passion and stay focused.

Favorite Books

anything by Malcom Gladwell

Push ups in the Prayer Room by Norm Schriever

South of Normal by Norm Schriever

A good life wasted by Dave Ames

Best Outdoor Gear purchase under $100

used Osprey backpack from the local outdoor used gear store, The Sports Exchange

used Jetboil

Connect with


email- dbest@grnmissoula.com

Global Recruiters of Missoula


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