020: Jim Moss- how tax law drove him to Recreation and Adventure Law

August 01, 2017

This episode is with Jim Moss. Jim has been helping outdoor recreation, adventure travel, race and event companies and manufacturers navigate legal issues for years. Jim tells us how he got into outdoor recreation law, we talk about his recent book, his involvement with Boy Scouts, risk management in recreation and much more.

Show Notes


Capital University Law School

Ohio State University

lifelong boy scout and eagle scout

Jim spent most of his life running around the woods

Got into Guiding at West Virginia University through the WVU Outdoor club and guide whitewater and taught rock climbing.

University Outdoor Rec and Creative Arts programs

first exposure to the outdoors

Jims Father was a district exec for Boy Scouts of America and his first memories are of camping with his dad in true boy scout fashion.

Jim is the District Chairman for the Denver Area Council of Boy Scouts

Things we talked about

Jim came out of law school with a tax specialty. He got into recreation and adventure law as a result of a tax law change in 1986. The Tax Reform Act in 1986 basically took everything he did and specialized in and made it a criminal act.

Jims book Outdoor Recreation Risk Management Insurance and Law, he wrote it originally as a textbook

Colorado Mountain College

Lawsuits come from activities that are advertised, climbing walls, white water rafting and ropes courses are the top three activities where 90% off all the lawsuits come from.

The growth of climbing Gyms, Zip lines and other more adventurous activities as well as canoe liveries and tubing.

Jims thinks that the biggest issue facing the outdoor industry right now is where to go. There are fewer and fewer public lands to recreate on for commercial outfitters. Folks are now starting to lead trips internationally.




thousands of opportunities to use your rock or whitewater skills in summer camps around the US, cut your teeth there

Thompson Rivers University– after two years you'll have your AMGA certification

then two more years will give you the business acumen

Cycling, Summer Camps, running are growing and offer additional opportunities

Get out there, study and understand risk management but don't let is stop you from getting out there

Other Outdoor Activities, Routines, tips

Favorite Books

Jim, along with Ron Watters and Ron   started the National Outdoor Book Awards

Everest the West Ridge by Thomas Hornbein and Jon Krakauer

The Climb by Anatoli Boukreev

Into Thin Air by John Krakauer

The Spokesman Cycling Roundtable podcast

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Bison Belt

Connect with Jim 

email- recreation.law@gmail.com

website- recreation-law.com

new website coming soon at summitmagicpublishing.com


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