037: Katie Boue- outdoor advocate, climber, former van-dweller, and avid road tripper.

September 28, 2017

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

My parents have always really been adventurous, not necessarily outdoors all the time but they're super adventurous people. The only cruise I've ever been on was to Alaska when I was a kid. My dad used to drag me to Yosemite when I was like oh man I want to hang out with the neighborhood kids and ride our razor scooters. I'm from Miami so it was a very different exposure to the outdoors. There's so many people in the outdoor industry that I feel have these great stories of how they grew up you know with the mountains in their backyards. I still don't even know how to ski properly so I'm definitely very grateful for having come into this space kind of later in life.  I was in college and started climbing at this gym Tallahassee Rock Gym in flat Florida but we went on a trip to go climbing and I mean that changed everything.

Things we talked about

Morning Fresh

Outdoor Advocate Network


Conservation Alliance

Advice, tips

I think that there's this overarching theme and and these actions that anyone can take. The first one you have to be part of this digital community it really is such a strong active community yet it's so important to be a part of it. Add your voice, it's amazing how many people I talk to you that are my generation or even older and they just won't do it, they just don't embrace it. Tt's like man come on you got to get with the program. I mean I get it whenever a new platform pops up or there's an update, I don't want to go change everything. SO what do is find what you enjoy. I also think that everyone can start checking out their analytics. It's super easy to just jump in and learn so much. You can learn when your audience is online most and cater your posting to that. You can learn who your audience is like where these people come from what cities they are from with a gender breakdown and age breakdown. It's so informative and I think it'll really shape the way that you produce content. Whether you're selling a product, a hard good or you're selling content, an idea or service, local or national building a community is so important. And it happens so organically on social, so there's like no excuse not to write.

Other Outdoor Activities

Favorite Books

old guide books

Best Gear Purchase under $100

National Parks Pass

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

hootsuite- iPhone  iPad

Hotels Tonight- iPhone  iPad

Yelp- iPhone  iPad

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@katieboue on all the socials


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