046: Michael Lanza- Award winning author and creator of The Big Outside blog

October 31, 2017

Show Notes

Michael Lanza is the author of the National Outdoor Book Award-winning book, Before They’re Gone and his blog The Big Outside. In this wide ranging conversation we talk about outdoor gear innovation, climate change, public lands and a whole lor more.

First Exposure to the Outdoors

Interestingly unlike a lot of folks you and I probably know and unlike my kids like who are lucky to grow up the in outdoors, my family didn't really do that stuff. I grew up in central Massachusetts with four siblings. My family would take fun vacations too, we'd go to Cape Cod and hang out at the beach and I loved it. Then it was in college when some friends said hey let's go for a hike. We were in New England in summertime and I don't remember what little mountain we hiked but some little rocky topped peak somewhere in Hampshire. I was just kind of blown away, I mean it wasn't a big mountain or anything but I just remember the winds blowing you could see so far and it just struck me that the this is what I'm doing from now on and I was you know it was like hook line and sinker.

Things we talked about

Backpacker Magazine

The Big Outside

Before They're Gone, by Michael Lanza

Glacier National Park

Conservation Voters for Idaho

Advice, tips

Yeah you know I guess what I did when I decided to make that shift was just do it. I mean that sounds easier than it is of course. In reality when I did it I was unmarried and younger and childless and I could just live real cheaply for a while. Pare down your life if that's what it's going to take, or if you're in a different place in life save up some money to make the transition. Look at your skills and the companies that are out there and how you might be able to apply those. Research what companies are looking for, certainly not all those companies design gear right they do a lot of other things too.

Other Outdoor Activities

Running, Mtn and Road Biking, kayaking, rafting, climbing

Favorite Books

The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin  Audio book

Before They're Gone, by Michael Lanza

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Light weight pack from Gregory, Osprey, Hyperlight

Light jacket- Black Diamond Alpine Start Jacket-MensBlack Diamond Alpine Start Jacket-Womens

Apps, Tools, Podcasts, Routines

I actually get up do a little work and then I have some breakfast. I spend about 20-25 minutes just doing some stretching and yoga. It feels good, it kind of calms me mentally and I do a little bit before bed, five minutes or so because it's so relaxing. I think it helps me sleep tremendously. Most days of the week I either hit the gym which I'm gonna do today or I'll hit my local trails and go for a run mountain bike ride or out on my road bike to maintain that fitness level. You know stay fit enough to enjoy the things that I like to do.

I think a lot of people listening to show can appreciate its way you stay sane right? There's nothing better than heading out for an hour or even just 20 minutes.  You come back and everything's right in your world.

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