100: I answer the questions as Tim McGuire interviews me

May 08, 2018

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

My parents and grandparents inspired my love for the outdoors. My grandfather was an avid outdoorsman, you know, back in the days of the American sportsman on TV and Curt Gowdy, announcing all the various things that he did from hunting and fishing to archery and the Olympics, all the sports. He took us out and taught us how to fish, how to hunt and how to camp. My parents were into camping sometimes it was tent camping, but then we got a trailer, we had a 1959 airstream and took that all over the west. The greatest trip was up to Yellowstone.

Things we talked about

California Park and Recreation Society

Kern River Tours

Mountain River Adventures

Rick Saez Photography


Fishing Trails 2

Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

California Wilderness Coalition

Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association

Tim Ferriss Show

Thrive Global Podcast–  Arianna Huffington podcast

Advice, tips

I think the thing is like a lot of my guests have said, it's figuring out what your passion is, what you're passionate about, and if it is something related to the outdoors, go get it. Don't let anything stop you. Don't let the fact that people are hard to get ahold of or I don't know anybody. Just go, just jump in, call somebody, email somebody, go down and visit somebody at Eagle Creek. There's always a way. I love the way Lee Fromson put it . . .  There's doors and windows and side alleys and back alleys. There's ways in, don't let anything stop you. If you really want to do it, go for it. It's a lifetime of great friends and great fun. It's work, you know, I mean, you got to dig your head in on spreadsheets sometimes and go to places you may not want to go and have conversations you don't want to have, but just go. It's so much fun.

Favorite Books

Endurance by Alfred Lansing

They Call me Coach by John Wooden

Walt Disney by Neal Gabler

Best Gear Purchase under $100

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