003: Shannon Walton- From PR Exec to Yoga instructor

June 08, 2017
Shannon has had a terrific outdoor career on the PR side of things.
In this conversation, we talk about how she got interested in the outdoors her first outdoor job, river rafting and guiding and I think we’ll learn about a recent career shift for her.

Show Notes


Portland Community College

University of Oregon

Year of Guide experience

10 years at Scholler

first exposure to the outdoors

went to outdoor school in 6th grade in Oregon

Things we talked about

River Guiding

Outdoor Education

Skills learned as a guide

Turned down job as a Swiss Guide

Her transition into a sailing, ski instructor and yoga teacher

How outdoor industry can do more consumer outreach

“Follow your herd and say yes”

Current shifts in Trade Shows and retail trends





Dog walk

Shannon’s Reading List

The River Wild by Dennis Oneil

anything by Terry Tempest Williams, Wendell Berry, Rick Bass

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Connect with Shannon






Medicine Horse program

Headspace  iPhone  iPad

Insight Timer  iPhone  iPad


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