002: Stephen Matera- an Outdoor Photographers Life

June 05, 2017

Stephen has built a solid career as an Outdoor Lifestyle and Landscape Photographer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him when I was a Product Manager. His clients include National Geographic, Cascade Designs, Backpacker Magazine, Kelty and a slew of others. We had to deal with a Skype crash in the middle of this but don’t worry, you didn’t miss any of the good stuff.

Show Notes


degree in electrical engineering

got into photography as a hobby that became his passion

moved to Seattle after college

first exposure to the outdoors

growing up did a lot of skiing and trailer camping

got into Mtn Biking and Skiing which became an excuse get out and to take photos

Things we talked about

how the photo biz has evolved

shoot contracts

stock photo biz

typical shooting day

how social media has changed work flow

opportunities in the outdoor photo biz

routines, tips

Stephen does a lot of running or other exercise 3-4 times a week

goes for lunch, run or bike ride with local creative friends to get some social interaction

Connect with Stephen




Wonderful Machine

Tandem Stock

Jon Cornforth

Scott Kranz

Cotton Carrier

National Geographic Instagram

Aurora Photos


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