026: Veronica Cox- Outdoor Adventures and brand building through connecting consumers.

August 24, 2017

We talk about how she got started in the outdoor biz, her outdoor career and her thoughts on building brands and connecting consumers to brands via passion.

Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

“As a kid well I grew up in a small college town in Iowa. My dad was a professor of architecture so I spent more time wandering around architectural halls than I did in the outdoors. Most of my outdoor exposure was in local and state parks ambling around calling it hiking. You know ice-skating on the frozen lakes and rivers, so growing up I didn't have a lot of very intense exposure to the outdoors.

Things we talked about

Ledges State Park


Vicki Boriak

Doug Robinson

Bill Hatcher

Deer Creek Falls, Grand Canyon

Gordon Whiltsie

Eagle Creek

Lonely Planet

David Lee

Machu Picchu

Buck Knives

Advice, tips

develop an understanding of what authentic means in the outdoor specialty space. People in the industry will sniff out posers, they don't mind if people don't know about the industry but people who act like they know but don't really know will bring up red flags. So if you don't know don't pretend you know it because it's fine. Most of us didn't know in the beginning.

For companies who are looking to add new positions or grow or those facing some challenges don't be afraid to look at people outside of the industry. They have a lot to offer and they can bring in some expertise in other areas that may be valuable. It's probably a lot simpler to teach somebody or to indoctrinate somebody into an outdoor outdoor activities than it is to bring an outdoor person in and teach them to be a marketing person.

Other Outdoor Activities

hiking, stand up paddle boarding

Favorite Books

The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama

The Culting of Brands by Douglas Atkins

Quiet by  Susan Cain

The Quiet Revolution

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Old School Teva sandles

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

self forgiveness, meditation . . . there really are no rules, if you have five minutes, 20 minutes or ten minutes. Whether you do breathing or guided meditation, find what works for you.

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