Replay Episode 191, Steve Casimiro of Adventure Journal- Ethical Publishing and Delivering Premium Journalism and Imagery [EP 224]

June 30, 2020

Steve Casimiro, publisher of the Adventure Journal tells us how they produce fine journalism delivered daily through AJ. I particularly enjoyed his comments about how they stay true to their values and goals of ethical publishing and delivering inspiring stories and high-quality imagery.

Show Notes

Introduction to the Outdoors

As a suburban kid, I grew up outside of Washington, DC. And in those years kids just spend more time outside. It was just, that was the lifestyle. I had a bike and I had a skateboard and there were parks and we did whatever. And I was in Boy Scouts and then when I was like 11, my parents bought this rundown cabin. And so I spent a lot of time outside there. So you know, we'd be car camping, my parents weren't super outdoorsy but we did car camping. For me everything kind of came into registration when I was, I think about 14 or 15 and I did like a mini Outward Bound course for a week or 10 days in West Virginia.

We did a canoe trip on the New River and backpacking and climbing, technical rock climbing and all that. And so I was able to actually have some guided education and exposure to it and I loved it. And then I got my driver's license and you know, had a bit of money in my pocket from working and was able to get out and do things. That's where all my energy went, I was kind of self-empowered at that point.

Things We Talked About

Adventure Journal

Outward Bound

Powder Magazine

Bike Magazine

National Geographic Adventure


George Mason University

Historical Bad Ass Criteria- 1. They have to be dead  2. It has to be badass

Other Outdoor Activities



Body Surfing


I think that you just have to be self-directed. It's hard to know exactly what you want and why you want it. But I think that you just have to have a clear idea about you and about what your goals are. And I think that you need to be professional and honest and ethical and network like heck. And be rigorous in looking at what your competition is. Whether you're starting a magazine or trying to break in as a blogger or a photographer. Those are all really hard things to do. But I think just trying to be as objective as you can about why you're doing it. And then looking at the other side is looking at people who might be hiring you or buying your product or whatever. Why would they want to do that? And you ultimately are selling yourself in one form or another. What you're doing has to make somebody else's life better or easier or in some way. And whether it's getting a job as a rep or working in PR or being a photographer. I think that's probably the mistake that I think most people make. And it's difficult if you haven't worked in the industry, but putting yourself in the shoes of the person who would be hiring or buying your product.

Favorite Books

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams

Dog Stars, The Painter, The River by Peter Heller

Favorite Outdoor Gear under $100

The Leatherman Free

Connect with Steve

Adventure Journal Contact


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