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The Outdoor Biz Podcast 2017 Reading List

December 13, 2017

Hey guys, Rick here to let you know about another Special Bonusode dropping today. Following up on our gear list from last Wednesday today we are giving you our 2017 Reading List.

I have interviewed over 50 members of the Outdoor Industry tribe and peppered them with questions like what was your first outdoor job and what are your favorite books. The answers to the favorite books question has produced quite a diverse reading list. Many of these books are now on my list to add to my library.

If you’re looking for a great list of reading material or curated shopping list for the book lover in your family or friends circle this is it. Go to The Outdoor Biz to see the favorite books from all my guests this year.

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The 2017 Outdoor Biz Podcast Readng list

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