My Guest Appearance on the Barbless.co Podcast

Listen in as I talk about The Outdoor Biz Podcast, my background in the Outdoor Industry, using podcasts to promote your outdoor brand, retail shop or guide business more on episode 94 of the Barbless.co Podcast


JanSport President Paul Delorey and how to Have Fun Every Day [EP 217]

“this guy comes out and he’s wearing a fringed buckskin jacket with a Bolo tie and pressed white shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He’s got long hair and a foo man choo mustache. He kind of stood out you know? And it was Skip Yowell.”

A life in the backcountry with Doug Robinson [EP 216]

Follow your bliss. I mean, that’s how basically all of us got in here.

Joe Vernachio of Mountain Hardwear on his Outdoor Industry career, Climbing Mt. Everest and more [EP 215]

“I think the thing that’s most inspiring is just the really good outdoor industry retailers, the really good brands and the really good factories are all linking arms and realizing that we all need each other.”

How Small Outdoor Retail Brands avoid being the last out of a reps bag with Lauren Webb [EP 213]

“The current sales model is broken. It really hasn’t adapted. And small outdoor retail brands are always last out of the bag if even mentioned at all. So many traditional sales reps are based on schedule and ROI and that’s why a lot of these brands just really never get a chance”

A life of Ranching, Adventure, and Outdoor Retail with Wes Allen of Sunlight Sports [EP 212]

“They want to be able to tell a story that local Outdoor Retail customers will relate to. That’s the whole concept behind the Argo Agency”

Fly Fishing and Stewardship on the Truckee River [EP 209]

I’m talking Fly Fishing, Podcasting, Stewardship and more with Nico Sunseri and Ben King of the BearFish Alliance.

Fun appearance on the Somethin about Nothin Podcast

Listen in as I talk about Podcasting, my background in the Outdoor Industry, using podcasts to promote your business and more on season 3, episode 6 of the Somethin about Nothin Podcast. These guys are hilarious and this is a podcast one you'll want in your queue!

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