189: Kristin Carpenter- Verde Communications, River Guiding, Podcasting and more

I’m excited to share my fun conversation with Kristin Carpenter from Verde Brand Communications. Kristin and I talk about how she built Verde into a talented team and collection of brands, her Channel Mastery Podcast, a favorite of mine, and more

Show Notes

Verde PR

Channel Mastery 

Introduction to the Outdoors

I had a really good friend and we were working in the art supply part of the UC Davis bookstore together. One day she came in with a flyer and said, “I'm going to go try out to be a raft guide”. So I joined her and we went to guide training. It was freezing and snowing on the South fork of the American River. It was a freezing cold weekend and, but I was super excited. I knew the very second I walked into the room that night that I had found my people. I was like, okay, where have you been all my life? And so I just dove into that headlong.

Other Outdoor Activities

Cycling, Skiing, Running, Climbing


I have a nephew who is an engineer. He just got out of school and he's working in Houston in the oil and gas industry because he went to school in Houston and grew up in Houston. He is such an outdoor nut.

I feel like this is the era of the side hustle, Right? So I feel like in his case if he wanted to become a ski designer, for example, he could go work at an outdoor store outside of his work hours, learn how to boot fit. I don't think it has to last forever. But then you start to meet these amazing people. You start to meet the reps. maybe you can come to a show.

There's also a lot of fast track opportunities where he could start publishing content on a topic that he loves. Whatever you're into study what else is out there, study what you love that feeds you and then see what you can bring to that conversation. And don't be afraid to try because it's all about testing and learning today.

There's never been more opportunity for people in the industry. And I'd like to especially call out females who are working their way up and want to take on more leadership. I think that there are a number of women who have amassed some experience in this market, super talented women and you've had a lot of them on your show, frankly. And I feel like they're super open to helping others. My point is we love bringing new people into this market and whether they're brand new or they're working their way up, we need new leadership. I feel like the people in the market now who you look up to are with some of the brands that you admire. Don't be shy about reaching out to them and tell them, I'd love to learn more from you. Is there anything I can help with, what are you reading these days, what should I get my hands on? I just feel like people can reach out and there are more ways to do that than ever before. Where they can just start networking and, and asking how to learn from these people who have a master's experience.

Favorite Podcasts

The Think Grow Podcast

Bullet Proof Radio


The Rich Roll Podcast

Omnitalk Podcast with Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga

Between Two Wheels Podcast

Trainerroad's “Ask a Cycling Coach” podcast

Get Faster Podcast

Oprah Super Soul and Master Class

Favorite Outdoor Gear under $100

Gregory Pack

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