Allied Feather President Daniel Uretsky bringing us sustainable, comfy, warm feathers for our jackets and sleeping bags [EP 279]

Daniel Uretsky and I talk about how Allied Feather & Down got started, how he got involved, and the great work they do to bring us all those sustainable, comfy, warm feathers for our jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, and comforters.

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Show Notes

Allied Down and Feather

Daniel Uretsky

What was the motivation to get a law degree?

Great question growing up. It's just something that always interested me.

I never really necessarily planned on going into the Down business. I liked the idea of being a lawyer growing up as a kid, I was very inquisitive. One of those kids that asked a lot of questions and my teachers were always telling me it'd make a good lawyer. I guess I had a habit of cross-examining.

So it was just something that always appealed to me. I know it kind of sounds funny, but I grew up reading John Grisham books and I love those stories, so yeah, it's just always really appealed to me in the family.

Animal welfare standards

Supply chain animal welfare standards, ensuring that all the down being bought was coming from sources where there was no harm to the animals.

RDSResponsible Down Standard

TDSTraceable Down Standard

Track my Down

The hangtag and sewn label will have a lot number, and also a QR code. So either you can scan the QR code with their phone or they can go to the website, ww.trackmydown.com, enter that lot number with the unique code. You can really learn a lot about the down, traceability is a huge component, but also education around the quality of the down and other things like how to wash your down product.

Suggestions and advice for folks wanting to get into the outdoor biz.

Yeah, I find it to be a very open industry. I find that to be very welcoming and collaborative. I would say that for people that really want to get in, if they're willing to learn their way up, I think I would say, just go for it.

I can't necessarily recommend the best study programs to get schooling. I don't know that being a lawyer is the best way. But I would say go for it. It's just been a great learning experience for me. And like I said, I find it to be a very collaborative industry.

Favorite piece of outdoor gear under $100

Handlebar Phone Clip

Favorite Books

my fun reads are from Daniel Silva

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

Morality by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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