Campouts or Dinner On the Patio, Brooks Hansen from Camp Chef tells us how we can Cook It All [EP 281]

Brooks Hansen from Camp Chef tells us about his first outdoor experiences, some of the great technology Camp Chef is bringing to grilling and smoking meat, and a few tips to improve your grilling game.

Show Notes

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Top 3 Tips

There's a lot of different things. I would say one of my number one tips is don't overcomplicate it. It's as easy as you want it to be, especially with a pellet grill and you're talking, smoking tips, and grilling techniques. There's no reason to over-complicate and overthink it. It's as simple as a set and forget it, follow some of the recipes, there are some really simple ones you don't need to over season, but seasoned liberally, if that makes any sense. It's kind of an Oxymoron. So if I'm doing like a reverse seared steak or something, I'm doing salt and pepper, I'm going to that meat's going to soak up and draw a lot of that salt. So I'm going to season it pretty liberally. But I don't need to add like 15 other seasonings. Sometimes people get all caught up on a little, add a little bit. Sometimes it ends up being more work than it's worth.

And then time and temperature are probably two of my major tips when you're smoking. know your time and know your temperature. Things get done, I've had briskets get done in 20 hours and I've had brisket get done in 10 hours. So you just gotta know where you're at in your cook and know what the temperature's doing and just keep a close eye on it. And the cool thing is you can do that from your couch, wherever with a wifi controller.

Favorite piece of gear under a hundred dollars

Camp Chef Carving Set

Klymit Pillow

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