10Adventures founder Richard Campbell, starting an Adventure Booking Agency [EP 242]

10Adventures founder Richard Campbell explains how they share the best human-powered adventures on earth.

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Wolfgang Man & Beast

Things we talked about



French Alps

Austrian Alps

Swiss Alps


Lake Louise

Canadian Rockies

Richard's favorite trip is the GR Five in the French Alps


Yeah, so I think it's more general advice, you know, I'm new to the adventure biz. Um, but working with people who do what they say they're going to do. And so no matter, you know, what your role is, whether or not you're in marketing or in business operations are a guide. If you're really reliable and to meet your commitments, that's always somebody people love having around.

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5:22 – 6:30 How I Launched 10Adventures
7:22- 8:27 Favorite Trip
26:25 – 26:55  Advice to get into the outdoor adventure biz
26:06 – 27:57 Favorite piece of Gear

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