Outdoor Writer Christine Peterson- looking for peace in wild things and wild places. [EP 243]

Christine Peterson Christine has been covering outdoors for the Casper Wyoming Star-Tribune and other publications for almost a decade.
She makes her home in Wyoming with her husband and young daughter where they spend every available moment looking for the peace of wild things and wild places.

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Eastern Mountain Sports

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Casper Wyoming

Casper Wyoming Star-Tribune


Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA)

Colleen Miniuk – Photographer and Author

Matt Miller– editor of the Cool Green Science blog

Kris Millgate

Michael Furman

Mark Freeman

Christine's clients

Cool Green Science blog

Bugle, Rocky mountain foundations magazine

Trout Unlimited

Backcountry Journal


It's a tough one and, and you'll read about it and read about how it is. The media landscape is changing so much, but I also think that it's very possible, And this is going to be the sort of same cliched advice that you would give in most professions, but just get started. And that's something that I think just getting going is the biggest hurdle. The nice part about right now is that there is a media landscape where you can write things and put them out and have people read them.

Like, start writing regular Facebook posts. Have a blog like Colleen, who we talked about a little bit earlier. She writes a weekly advice column on photography called dear bubbles, it's very popular. And she just started doing it right. And put it out on our network and people come to rely on it. I think that's something that people can do and they can do today. They could listen to this and then think, okay, darn it. I'm going to start posting pictures regularly, or I'm going to start writing these articles, and I'm gonna do it regularly and I'm gonna offer it up and then I'm gonna see where it goes.

And then my only request is that when somebody starts, when publications approach you and want you to write for them, you being their listeners, don't do it for free.

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“nature and everyone in it has a story if you listen”

Favorite Gear

Coleman two-burner stove

Favorite Books

Fishing Through the Apocalypse, by Matt Miller

My Place Among Men, by Kris Millgate

The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson

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