Heliconia- helping brands and destinations share their story in unique and impactful ways. [EP 244]

Malvin Young from Heliconia talks about how they help brands and destinations share their story on the top TV and streaming networks in the U.S.

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Eastern Mountain Sports

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Ken Whiting

Brendan Mark

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I would say for anybody looking to get into any industry out there, I would always say, align yourself with the culture first, make sure that you get to be you, and that you are respected within that business or industry. I just think the outdoor space is one of those spaces, and one of those industries where you see it a heck of a lot more. I love doing these zoom calls because I'm in people's offices from my video camera. And I haven't met one that was dressed up in a suit yet.

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“opening the door to the great outdoors”

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1:24 – 2:39 Intro to the outdoors

8:43 – 10:43 About Helliconia

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