Caitlin Landesberg, Sufferfest Beer tells us about making beer and launching a brand [EP 247]

Sufferfest is a beer company that grew from a desire to enjoy a more refreshing post-race . . . or post sufferfest . . . . depending on your endurance activity of choice . . . beer. Caitlin Landesberg tells us all about it.

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Show Notes

Sufferfest Beer

Sierra Nevada


Fly By Pilsner

Mozilla Firefox


Jeff White, CEO of Sierra Nevada

Mule Days

David Foster Wallace, Commencement Address This is Water

Thoughts on how those of us in the industry outdoor industry can help mitigate the impact we're seeing in the outdoor space?

“I think it's like, what skill are you good at and lean into that. If you aren't going to be skilled at actually helping to repair and maintain part of a trail that you use yourself, you could give back to then get your network of friends and put together a small fundraiser. If I'm not really good with a shovel and an ax right now, or shovel and a pick, lean into your skillset, whether that's connecting people, bringing in financing.”

Favorite Gear- Ultimate Directions Fast Draw 300

Connect with Caitlyn and Sufferfest
Sufferfest on Instagram
Caitlyn on Instagram
2:06 – 3:06 Intro to Outdoors
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42:47 – 43:35 Gear

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