Jason Garcia, New Oceans Digital founder tells us how Customer research and A/B testing builds better products and customer experiences,  [EP 282]

Jason is an avid Outdoorist, trail runner & founder of New Oceans Digital an outdoor industry marketing agency. He’s going to tell us about their work, what inspired him to start a marketing agency and his outdoor pursuits.

Show Notes

New Oceans Digital

Jason's Introduction to the Outdoors

So as a kid, my family would take road trips across America, visiting some of the national parks. And, these, weren't your typical road trips where you're going maybe a day or so away, or maybe even staying in state. If you're in a big state like Texas many of our trips logged five, 6,007,000 miles.

Jason's Favorite National Park

Denali National Park

About New Oceans Digital

I help outdoor brands radically improve their website performance so that they can make more money online by converting, existing website visitors into customers.

1% For The Planet

National Parks Foundation

Jason's Outdoor Activities

Trail Running, Mtn Biking, Snowboarding

Jason's Favorite Books

Turning The Flywheel and Good to Great by Jim Collins

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel


  1. Help people in public as much as possible. And you do this by just providing value in whatever field of expertise you have. So just help people, if you're, if you're a marketer, if you're a designer, whatever, just help people in public as much as possible.
  2. If you're feeling a bit shy or nervous, just rip the bandaid off and dive in. I'm not naturally an extrovert, at least I don't see myself that way, but, I would say that if you're passionate about the outdoors and you want to work in this industry, there are people out there who want to definitely help you along the way.

Jason's favorite piece of Outdoor Gear under $100

Solomon hydration vest

Jason's Offer for Outdoor Biz Listeners

Get a growth audit of your site to get instant clarity on how to grow your revenue online. Including:

1. Personalized video on how to fix your landing page or checkout flow.

2. Get a detailed and prioritized action plan.

3.  A 30-minute strategy call.

you can pay a low price of only $40 bucks instead of the regular $300 for it, OR get it for FREE by making a donation of any amount to the national parks foundation. So you can make a donation for five bucks, 20 bucks, a hundred bucks, whatever it is.

Go to: www.outdoorgrowthaudit.com

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