TAC Rentals let’s you live the van life for a week or weekend then hand the keys back! [EP 277]

Travis and I talk about his inspiration to help more of you have great outdoor adventures. He tells us about his complete packages that allow you to live the van life for a week or weekend then hand the keys and gear back to him to be cleaned and prepped for the next adventurous folks.

Show Notes

Intro to the Outdoors

I grew up here in Colorado. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs. And so kind of did everything you might expect a young Colorado kid to do growing up. I was out camping with my family and biking and fishing and hunting and just kind of was what we did.

Fountain Valley School

Crestone Needle

Have Fun, Do Good

Our program sets aside $5 for each day a customer rents a vehicle and puts in our donation bucket.  That means every day you are out camping in the woods or skiing you are contributing back to the outdoors you are enjoying.  That is Adventure with Impact.

We select projects and partners that align with our mission and fund them one at a time.

Carbon Offset Fleet

We have partnered with Colorado Carbon Fund to offset the carbon from our vehicles using regenerative farming practices locally to reduce our air pollution here.

Electric Vehicle Discount

Got an EV already? Great, send a photo of you with your vehicle and we will email you with the 20% promo code to be used when booking a trip.

Outdoor Biz Listener Discount

Get 15% off rental using code OUTDOORBIZ15 which will be good for any trips booked before June 1 (trip can happen later on)

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